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Our Quarter Horses


The horse conquered the west.. 


The Quarter Horse is the mythical horse in the history of the United States and the conquest of the West. It is a direct descendant of wild Mustangs (a cross between different breeds of horses imported into the USA), or those "tamed" by the Indians. He has carried many responsibilities for decades due to his remarkable qualities... as fast among the cowboys as he is instinctive among the Indians...











Endowed with extraordinary flexibility and agility worthy of the largest felines, the Quarter Horse is the most athletic horse in the world. Shaped like an engraving, this behemoth of muscles develops dazzling acceleration from start to stop, it is also the fastest horse over 400 meters...  It therefore surprises with its reactivity, its calm and its docility but above all by its absolute dedication .. 

A mixture of power and delicacy, small in size, it is the ideal mount for both professional riders and beginners.











Our project.


Having had a great interest in this breed for a long time, we decided to make the most of it by acquiring two quarter horses at the estate.

In a few years, we plan to start a small breeding operation (of very high quality) in order to offer western family walks on the county trails.. but also in order to produce beautiful foals capable of becoming great champions of western disciplines. or simply ideal traveling companions.

Our horses are Western broken, this practice allows everyone to lead the horse gently and each horse to carry us with complete confidence.


Snapper Sunshine Mr





















Our 4 year old mare (future broodmare...) is the direct descendant of a great champion line such as  or.. Here is her ancestor.. She is affiliated with the QHA... Snapper has everything of a great, the morphology of the ideal quarter which is very close to others with the "basic" morphology. Broken by William HAAR, several times French Reining champion, so young she has already been a very safe mount since she was 3 years old , ultra responsive and very precise in its movements. Extremely kind and absolutely calm, there is no doubt, she will make little foal treasures..
























Pawnee is an 11 year old Paint Horse, he is 3/4 quarter horse and one quarter purebred Arabian. He is the only horse in the world to have successfully completed the tour of Mont Blanc. Broken in the Indian method, he has within him an impressive mixture of enthusiasm and peace. With a highly developed herd instinct which gives him the appearance of a proud and protective stallion, he will not fail to warn us of your arrival or to betray the unauthorized escapades of the donkeys.. 


We welcome horseback riders. Contact us.










Our donkeys














Keiko is 4 years old, we adopted him when he was little; he is a cuddly and adventurous donkey..  his passion is to dismantle the stakes of his park for hours in order to come and join us.... We have not yet managed to be more intelligent than him.. he always finds a solution to counter our new installations..

Curious and joyful... he has a good life...











Chubaka is also 4 years old, he was not separated from keiko petit because they were always together.. He is a

extremely cuddly and calm donkey.. rather timid, he will always stand behind his friend when you call but a single attempt at approach will be enough to make him completely crazy about you.





Be careful, donkeys often bite each other to play,

To avoid accidents, do not let children put their hands between the two.

The parks are electrified, be careful.

Do not go inside without permission.

Do not give food without authorization.
















































Snapper dans son parc
Jour J ! Snapper se prépare
Snapper en balade
Rencontre avec ses nouveaux maitres
Snapper chez Willam Haar..
Promenade autour du Domaine
Pawnee à l'indienne..
Arrivée de Pawnee au Domaine
Après le Mont Blanc, le Morvan..
Pawnee dans notre jardin..
Instant Calin..
Sur sa robe, un coeur et un ruisseau
Pawnee fait le tour du Mont Blanc
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