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Semi Men's House Couple "Tirquiet"



A double bed.

The couple's house "Tirquiet" is a  small underground house of 28m2, the second habitat of the future village of Semi Hommes...

Hidden in the thickets, near the lake and on the edge of the woods, this refuge can only be discovered if you know where it is...

This house, small in size and large in comfort, is distinguished by itsunique atmosphere... warm and magical...

It has a lounge area with a large semi-circle opening, numerous candles, numerous books and everything you need to find for a lovely relaxing evening as these little beings know how to do... A pretty carved wooden bed with a trunk at the end, then a magnificent bathtub with eagle feet and enameled cast iron will allow you to relax until the end of the night.. By candlelight and under the hooting of our many owls who ensure the tranquility of the place, the magic of the fantastic awaits you..


The bed is made, bath towels included. Electrical outlets. Barbecue available.

The toilets are outside in our toilets close to reception.

The house does not have a kitchen or fridge.





Price: €175/1 night
(Decreasing prices)
€165/night until March 31, 2023.

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