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Privacy Policy

The Publisher: The person, natural or legal, who publishes online public communication services.
The Site: All sites, Internet pages and online services offered by the Publisher.
The User: The person using the Site and the services.


Data controller and data protection officer
The Domaine de la Pierre Ronde  (Yannick Boisfard and Gaëlle Lajugée)   whose head office is located Lac de Chamboux 21210  Saint Martin de la Mer   is responsible for the processing of personal data concerning you, collected through the site

Collection of personal information
We collect the following information:

First name
email address
The personal information we collect is collected through a newsletter subscription form and through the interactivity established between you and our website or at the time of billing.

Purpose and confidentiality
We use your personal information collected through our newsletter subscription form or billing to send you a regular newsletter. This information is stored in a billing database. Your contact details will never be transmitted to third parties, and will always be used to receive information related to the website.  and only. All information collected about you (i.e. your first name and email address when you subscribe to the newsletter) is processed in accordance with GDPR law.

Right of opposition, withdrawal and right of access
We are committed to offering you the right to object and withdraw your personal information.

The right to object is understood as the possibility offered to Internet users to refuse to check the box provided for this purpose. By refusing to check this box:

The message entered in the contact form will not be sent
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time using the link at the bottom of each email.
You can also send us an email

Shelf life of cookies
In accordance with the recommendations of the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL), the maximum retention period for cookies is 1 year;  
maximum after their first deposit in the User's terminal, as well as the duration of the validity of the User's consent to the use of these cookies. The lifespan of cookies is not extended with each visit. The User's consent must therefore be renewed at the end of this period.

Purpose of cookies
Cookies can be used for statistical purposes, in particular to optimize the services provided to the User, from the processing of information concerning the frequency of access, the personalization of pages as well as the operations carried out and the information consulted.
You are informed that the Publisher may place cookies on your terminal. The cookie records information relating to navigation on the service (the pages you have consulted, the date and time of the consultation, etc.) which we can read during your subsequent visits.

User's right to refuse cookies
You acknowledge having been informed that the Publisher may use cookies. If you do not want cookies to be used on your device, most browsers allow you to disable cookies through the settings options. For more information regarding cookie control tools, you can consult the CNIL website:

The personal information we collect is stored in a secure environment. People working for us are required to respect the confidentiality of your information.

To ensure the security of your personal information, we use the following measures:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol
Access management – authorized and concerned person
Computer backup
Renewal of the SSL digital certificate every year
We are committed to maintaining a high degree of confidentiality by integrating the latest technological innovations to ensure the confidentiality of your data. However, as no mechanism offers maximum security, some risk is always present when using the Internet to transmit personal information.

We remind you that in compliance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the information communicated by you on the contact form is necessary for the proper functioning of our relationship and will not be transferred to third parties, whether either for a fee or free of charge.

We are committed to complying with the legislative provisions relating to the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy.








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