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Refuge of the ELVES

Refuge des Elfes
PrĂšs du refuge des Elfes
Refuge des Elfes vue extérieur
Refuge des Elfes - espace Nuit
Refuge des Elfes intérieur
Refuge des Elfes espace repas
Refuge des Elfes Le PoĂȘle
Refuge des elfes la porte
Refuge des Elfes la porte
Refuge des elfes décoration
refuge des elfes le salon
Refuge des Elfes Ă  table
Refuge des Elfes espace bain
Refuge des Elfes fenĂȘtre
Refuge des Elfes tentures

Offer a unique experience in the world in this incredible 12 meter high Elf refuge. Enthroned above the forest, between sky and earth, this habitat shines with a thousand lights.

It is at the height that this habitat will offer lovers (or small families) the feeling of staying in a timeless place. This imposing refuge is full of light, swirls and magic! To access this wonderful place, you will have to venture into the mysterious undergrowth of the Village, discoveries after discoveries, step by step, the heavy doors of the building will open onto an elusive kingdom!

The refuge has electric heating and a bathtub in the room.

The staircase to access the bedroom is a spiral staircase.

No kitchen or toilet inside the building.

Sanitary facilities in the village.

Bed made, towels included.

Provide accommodation for additional people to sleep.

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