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The wild animals of the estate.

The round stone area is the only infrastructure on the shores of Lake Chamboux. The accommodation is not visible and is really camouflaged in the thickets. Thus, the surrounding wild animals have completely integrated our different habitats into their living environment. , so it happens that you come face to face with one of them... magical moments in perspective.. Here is a presentation of the main living beings that you could meet on our site..


As a guest star:

The Beaver:

Recently present on the shores of the lake... a few customers have come across him at daybreak... for our part, he regularly leaves us splendid sculptures... because the beaver is an artist! let's know!..




















The otter:

The great intrigue of the estate... only a fisherman was able to take a photo of it near the peninsula... it was also seen near the entrance to the Estate last year but we are waiting for the next photos! who knows, maybe you?
























With a hunting territory of several dozen kilometers, it has been seen a few times in the Morvan, notably barely two kilometers from the Domaine... its tracks on the snow gave it away!
























The wolf:

This mythical animal has been seen several times in the canton but without any official proof! Who will be the first to immortalize its presence and have it officially listed?...



















The birds of the lake


Great Egret                                                                               Great Cormorant                                           Gray Heron









































Common Cranes
























Those we meet (almost) every day...

The Tawny Owl:

The queen of the Domaine! If you come to stay in winter, it is almost certain that your arrival will be to the hooting of our tawny owls! They were there before us... and the ground light that we installed allowed us to not have to chase them in the forest, nocturnal atmosphere & nature guaranteed!






















The deer:

Grazing at every dusk alongside the donkeys, it is very easy to observe them from a few dozen meters away, especially between April and June. They were also seen two meters from the entrance to the teepees, quietly eating their meal.

























It is possible to come across them on the estate regularly, especially in winter when they do not hesitate to come nosing around the accommodation! a magnificent spectacle every time!






























The squirrel:

You just have to look up and linger a little in the foliage to quickly observe these little beings, curious and quick, several families live in the large trees of the estate

























Rabbits and hares:

On the Estate for a year, these little animals are less and less wild! You will have every chance of coming across one near your accommodation!

The wild cat:

We were lucky enough to come across a wild cat on several occasions at the gates of the estate and not far from the shores of the lake... (Be careful, if you see a wild cat rolling on the ground... this is not a problem). ;is not a... it's Cheyenne, our domestic cat: the exact copy of a wild cat with a few extra kilos..)

The magical flight of starlings:

Among the many birds that the lake attracts, we are regularly offered to observe the magnificent spectacle of the flight of starlings, a cloud twirling above the area taking different shapes and directions in a few seconds... the rustling of their wings announce a few seconds before their impressive passage... to see again and again..

The Jay:

Many jays live on the estate, this songbird has the gift of imitating other animals... so we have already looked for our cats above a tree or regularly believed that deer were near the reception ..

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