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(Ideal for a family)

  A double bed and 8 single beds.



Rediscover the simple joy of evenings with family or friends. Summer and winter, share an unforgettable stay with your loved ones in this spacious 40m2 yurt. Around the wood stove, bare feet, on the carpet... laughter and bursts of happiness.. Friendship is like a wood fire... :-)


(Provide sheets & sleeping bags & pillowcases/person)

This habitat is also rented for internships & meetings (relaxation, seminars, debates, etc.)

We do not host festive evenings: "hen parties or Isome boys.”



Yourte Groupe (idéale Famille) Domaine de la Pierre Ronde Lac de Chamboux


95€/1 night-

+10€ (child) 12€ (adult) additional person

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