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Domaine de la Pierre Ronde

There are places where the grandeur and gentleness of nature push man to rise, to dream and to create. This immensity, this strength and this tranquility cultivate the magic of life in its smallest corners. Splendor of smells and colors, the Domaine de la Pierre Ronde opens its 25 hectares of open nature to you and offers everyone the surprising joy of delighting in the simple and the beautiful. Get closer to the stars by spending the night in a cocoon where everything is there to allow you to have an unforgettable moment: candles, incense, books, baths, wood fire... Nature outings or storytelling evenings, fishing by the lake, hiking or naps in a hammock... let yourself be tamed by the delight of the moment.. 

Lake Chamboux is one of the 6 large lakes of the Parc du Morvan. The richness of its natural heritage (trails, legendary stones, etc.) and cultural heritage (gastronomy, music, museums, historical monuments, etc.) will open up new horizons for you.

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